A1-ER: Enhancing temporal coding in cochlear implants

The temporal structure of speech consists mainly of three levels based on dominant fluctuation rate: 1) envelope related to (supra) segmental variation, 2) periodicity related to fundamental frequency and 3) fine structure. In current CI signal processing only 1) is well encoded in the electrical stimulation and 2) in a very restricted way. In this ER project we aim to investigate how CI speech and music perception will improve if processing puts higher emphasis on temporal coding of fundamental frequency and speech envelope, onsets of signals and on-going temporal cues across stimulation channels. This study will be supplemented with ER-specific training (innovation from idea to user) and with outreach activity. The project has a broad scope in gaining experience in implementation of advanced signal processing strategies on a real-time xPC platform (ODP), bridging idea and relevant evaluation.

Host institution: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)
Supervisor names: Jan Wouters and Bas van Dijk (COCHLEAR)
Start date: 1.12.2013
PhD enrolment: No
Employment contract: Full-time experienced research fellow (post-doctoral), 12 months