Research Projects

Research projects for early stage (doctoral) research fellows

Project number Project title Host institution Duration (months) Indicative start date*
M1-ESR Computational modelling of 3-dimensional individualized inner ears SOTON 36 M3
M2-ESR A computational model of neuronal responses for speech enhancement SOTON 36 M6
M3-ESR Physiological measurements of compound action potentials to improve CI stimulation UZH 36 M9
M4-ESR Modelling auditory stream segregation based on a temporal coherence analysis DTU 36 M6
M5-ESR A computational model to improve binaural CI speech strategies KULEUVEN 36 M9
E1-ESR Modelling intelligibility using discriminance scores derived from automatic speech recognition models RUB 36 M3
E2-ESR Objective evaluation of CI processing using an auditory perception model DTU 36 M6
E3-ESR Physiological measurements of auditory steady state brain responses KULEUVEN 36 M6
A2-ESR Improving spatial perception for bilateral CI users UZH 36 M9
A3-ESR Combination of communication devices (e.g. Smartphones) with hearing aids for a better understanding in difficult acoustic situations SAT 36 M6
A4-ESR Optimizing cochlear implant coding strategies in the context of the electrode-neural information bottleneck COCHLEAR 36 M6
A5-ESR Multi-channel speech enhancement in highly dynamic acoustic environments RUB 36 M3

Research projects for experienced (post-doctoral) research fellows

Project number Project title Host institution Duration (months) Indicative start date*
E4-ER Effects of room acoustics and hearing-instrument processing on auditory cues in spatial perception DTU 12 M3
E5-ER Evaluation and prediction of head movements RUB 12 M12
A1-ER Enhancing temporal coding in cochlear implants KULEUVEN 12 M12
S1-ER Development of  Unified Development Platform SOTON 14 M5
S2-ER Common Evaluation Schemes (CES) for audiological DSP algorithms UZH 14 M8

M – Models  E- Evaluation  A-Applications

* Start date in months relative to project starting date Jan 1st, 2013.