E2-ESR: Objective evaluation of CI processing using an auditory perception model

The fitting and evaluation of CIs is based on the results from subjective assessment of individuals. An objective tool that can estimate the consequences of CI processing on the listeners’ perception would make the development of novel processing strategies more effective. In this project we aim to use CI processed stimuli as input to the “back-end” of an auditory perception model that has earlier been developed to account for normal-hearing data. The model will be used to objectively evaluate the performance of aided listeners in a variety of psychoacoustic outcome measures, such as spectral and temporal masking, intensity- and frequency discrimination.

Host institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)
Supervisor names: Bastian Epp and Torsten Dau
Start date: 1.6.2013
PhD enrolment: Yes
Employment contract: Full-time early-stage research fellow, 36 months