E4-ER: Effects of room acoustics and hearing-instrument processing on auditory cues in spatial perception

Hearing-impaired listeners, even when provided with hearing instruments to compensate for reduced sensitivity, have typically problems to robustly process acoustic cues linked to spatial perception in realistic environments. The degraded coding of spatial information leads to deficits in the segregation of sound sources in complex acoustic scenarios. In this ER-project, we aim to identify the dominant auditory cues underlying perceived externalization, localization, distance and source width and to define a set of complex and natural acoustic scenarios using the recently established virtual auditory environment (SpaceLab) at DTU and to define relevant acoustical scenarios and identify auditory cues relevant for spatial perception. These scenarios will be shared with all other relevant network partners.

Host institution: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)
Supervisor names: Torsten Dau
Start date: 1.3.2013
PhD enrolment: No
Employment contract: Full-time experienced research fellow (post-doctoral), 12 months