E5-ER: Evaluation and prediction of head movements

Normally-hearing persons are easily capable to build an acoustic map of the environment and to rapidly shift attention to specific sources in multi-source scenarios. Head movements are an intrinsic part of this process but so far neither explicitly taken into consideration let alone exploited in speech enhancement applications. As small gyro sensors are now inexpensive and readily available, tracking of head movements becomes feasible also in the context of hearing aids. The aim of this ER-project is to relate the signals received from the acoustic scene and the signal derived from a head-mounted gyro to predict head movements and to integrate a gyro sensor into the ODP. The results of this project will be useful for a range of other projects in the network.

Host institution: Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)
Supervisor names: Rainer Martin and Ian Bruce (MAC)
Start date: 1.12.2013
PhD enrolment: No
Employment contract: Full-time experienced research fellow (post-doctoral), 12 months