S1-ER: Development of  Unified Development Platform

The “Open Development Platform for Signal Processing in Hearing Devices” (ODP) will enable each network partner to develop and evaluate algorithms in real time and will offer a common communication platform between researchers and industry. In this ER project we aim  to develop algorithms that can be evaluated with normal and hearing-impaired listeners in any kind of adverse environment in real time. The algorithms developed by all network partners are transferable and can be developed rapidly using the same software tools. Algorithms can be compared with any state-of-the-art algorithm that has been developed in our or in other research labs. The ER involved in this project will provide support for other partners.

Host institution: University of Southampton (SOTON)
Supervisor name: Stefan Bleeck
Start date: 1.5.2013
PhD enrolment: No
Employment contract: Full-time experienced research fellow (post-doctoral), 14 months