S2-ER: Common Evaluation Schemes (CES) for audiological DSP algorithms

New algorithms and coding schemes for hearing devices need to be compared with existing solutions in a variety of experimental conditions. The test environment should be relevant for real-life situations and at the same time allow repeated and reproducible experiments. Virtual acoustics for realistic reproductions of auditory scenes and sound libraries with test samples of target and jammer signals are examples of tools to be developed and assembled. The goal of this ER-project is to provide an inventory of validated and reliable common evaluation schemes for various acoustic environments. These will be shared between all network partners.

Host institution:  University of Zurich (UZH)
Supervisor names: Norbert Dillier, Wai Kong Lai and Stefan Bleeck (SOTON)
Start date: 1.8.2013
PhD enrolment: No
Employment contract: Full-time experienced research fellow (post-doctoral), 14 months